Petrochemical Plants

Petrochemical Plants

Live Flare Inspections

UAI’s ability to safely and efficiently provide its clients live flare stack and flare tip inspections without having a “shut down” provides a key target market.  The value is inherently understandable.  UAI expects to provide flare inspections on routine regular cycles, and as necessary, on an emergency basis. UAI personnel are well versed in reacting to exigent circumstances.  That, together with being located along the Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast makes us well positioned to access this market.  We are prepared to provide emergency inspections within a 12-24 hour window.

Whether routine or emergency, our UAV’s and sensor capability can and will be utilized to generate and/or support a baseline comparison for engineers as they evaluate sensor data on the supporting infrastructure, rust formation, integrity of the pipework, and condition of the flare tips.

Industrial Chimney Inspections

Like flare stack or flare tip inspections, industrial chimney inspections can be performed to gauge the atmospherics and inspect the condition of the concrete, mantle, acid resistant coating, lightening conductors, brickwork discrepancies, and highlight potential hazardous falling debris.

UAV’s are valuable in these inspections as much for the sensor deliverables, as for the inherent safety and time elements of these projects.   There is little to no risk to personnel and no need for a shut-down while providing these inspection services.