Wimberley Texas Search And Rescue Support

Wimberley Texas Search And Rescue Support


UAI Mobilizes to Lend Support to Wimberley Flood Victims

Spring, TX – After hearing a call for assistance, Unmanned Ad-Hoc Industries, Inc. (UAI) quickly mobilized a five-man Mobile Command Team (MCT) to Wimberley, Texas in support of Search And Rescue (SAR) efforts for Hays County.

MCT 014 arrived in Wimberley, Texas on the evening of May 28, 2015 and began conducting multiple Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) ‘drone’ flight operations on the Blanco River the following morning. The data collected provided the first responders and volunteers with updated Blanco River aerial imagery to help aid in the Search And Rescue (SAR) mission planning and analysis.

Clay S. Kroschel (CEO of UAI):

“It was a great honor for Unmanned Ad-Hoc Industries, Inc. to offer support to the search and rescue operations of Hays County, Texas. At UAI, we understand the importance of having updated imagery and maps to help plan these SAR missions. The Blanco River looks completely different today then it did two weeks ago due to the flooding. The only maps and imagery available is usually what Google has to offer and those are usually 6 months to 2 years old satellite imagery. Our services provide real time imagery so that the search and rescue command elements can make better, more informed decisions for their SAR teams. When these SAR commands make more informed decisions their Search and Rescue efforts are more efficient and safe. Time and Safety is a major component when conducting SAR operations on every level. That is the ultimate value UAI brings to the situation.”

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