Remote Sensing Structural Inspections

UAI has extensive experience in carrying out remote sensing structural inspections or surveys via the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) of pad sites, drilling rigs, storage tanks, elevated pipe racks, ducting insulation, roofs, gantries, walkways and other upstream structures.  The use of UAVs affords clients the opportunity to conduct routine inspections safely, economically and efficiently. These inspections occur during routine regular annual maintenance cycles or, when necessary, on an emergency basis. Emergency inspections are typically executed within a 12-24 hour window.

Examples of sensor capability for inspection services may include:

Infrared Thermography (IRT) Inspections: Thermographic cameras typically detect radiation in the long-infrared (IR) range of the electromagnetic spectrum and produce images of that radiation, called “thermograms.” Engineers utilize thermograms during inspections to asses an asset’s variations in temperature.  UAI understands it is important to monitor variations in temperature in order to prevent catastrophes.

IRT Inspections are also utilized for preventative maintenance measures to identify and locate gas leaks, burn back, refractory breakdown and gain valuable information on their assets that can save them more uptime, money and most importantly their employees’ lives.

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Site Surveying

UAI brings the next generation well pad site survey deliverables to be utilized when generating blueprints in CAD-like programs to minimize mistakes and save overhead.  This allows our clients to build, design and plan “virtually” before they ever reach the site. The surveys provide our clients a “real-world 3D representation” of real-time data down to 3-centimeter accuracy. With the use of our UAVs and the latest technologies, we deliver clients fast and accurate site surveys.

Not only do we offer our clients 3D point clouds of their sites, but also aerial photography and video for better situational awareness. This affords clients the opportunity to make more informed decisions rapidly, resulting in greater efficiency of time and money, with the added benefit of mitigating mistakes.

UAI offers a variety of state-of-the-art surveying services for its clients, including: HD aerial photography, HD 4K aerial video, elevation data, digital terrain models (DTMs),  and georectified orthomosaic images  of sites that are imported into Google Earth and other mapping software.

Providing clients with a digital baseline proof of the pad environment before, during and after a project allows them situational awareness to better manage their projects without ever leaving the office; thus, saving time and overhead.

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