In today’s expanding information age, the need for detailed information at your disposal in order to plan, verify, and present information on any given project is reaching new heights. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is reaching new levels through the use of UAV’s, more commonly known as “Drones”, which are serving the construction industry from the ground up. From verification of subcontractor work to informing and updating stakeholders with 3D modeling, UAVs are the answer to your project. With one flight over your project area, multiple useful products are importable into AutoCAD software suites providing a range of information to fit your BIM needs.

Survey Applications

DTM with Contour Generation
DTM with Contour Generation
Site Orthomosaic (cm accuracy)
Site Orthomosaic (cm accuracy)

Real Time Imagery

2016 Google Earth Imagery
2016 Google Earth Imagery
UAI Produced Imagery
UAI Produced Imagery

Volumetric / Cut & Fill Calculations


Site Progression

Construction Phase 3D Model Completion Phase 3D Model


In the hands of a skilled operator, UAVs are a valuable tool for any job site. Just as any heavy equipment machinery being used on a site, UAVs require the same level of skill, safety precaution, and legal authorization if any product from a fight is delivered for commercial uses. UAVs and their applications are new to most U.S. citizens. Consequently, the rules and regulations governing the UAVs are not known to many people in the U.S. Whether you are interested in just one aerial image or flight video of your project, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has detailed certain rules and regulations for safe and legal operations within the national airspace that must be complied with.

Only individuals and businesses that have been granted a Section 333 Exemption from the FAA (or are licensed remote pilots) are authorized to conduct flights for commercial gain. As professional UAV operators, UAI has completed the steps to comply with the governing rules to provide our clients with permitted flight services. SAFETY is our top priority in any project we support, and we have the experience and record to prove it.

If you have ever experienced costly project delays and modifications due to subcontractor work failing to comply with engineering specifications, UAI’s services are designed to mitigate those instances and catch plan discrepancies prior to the next phase of construction. UAI’s capacity to support your project spans over multiple products we deliver, so contact us to learn how we can provide your business with more intelligent data to maximize your project efficiency.

  • • Pre Site Planning
  • • Site Survey Verification
  • • Slope & Grading Analysis
  • • Project Progress Tracking
  • • Marketing Materials
  • • Stakeholder Reporting
  • • Digital Terrain Models (DTM)
  • • Site Contour Line Verification
  • • Volumetric Computations
  • • Cut & Fill Calculations
  • • Orthomosaic Imagery (cm accuracy)
  • • Aerial Imagery & Video
  • • 3D Point Clouds
  • • 3D Modeling