About Us

About Us

Unmanned Ad-Hoc Industries, Inc. (UAI) is a global remote sensing data collection and analytics company that utilizes manned and unmanned platforms as remote sensing data collection systems that are fully integrated into a suite of products and services that allow the targeted client base to realize a safer, and far more efficient means of performing inspection, surveying and security operations.

UAI believes there is a fast growing market for cutting-edge remote sensing technologies. Through our innovative data collection process known as Intelligent Data Collection (IDC), Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), aka “drones”, and down hole tool technology are used to assess, collect, process and analyze data that is then converted to valuable deliverables to a cross section of industries.


Having over 50 years and more than 14,000 hours combined operational unmanned aviation, “drone”, experience, UAI is uniquely situated to stand head and shoulders above the hobbyists and those exaggerating experience and capability.  This level of real world experience has allowed us opportunities to provide services to governments and civilian sectors of industry, including energy (up-stream, mid and downstream and renewable), real estate (agriculture, ranching, development, and construction), security, search and rescue, emergency, and others. Hands-on experience in the use of state-of-the-art, highly advanced, sensor technology and interpretive software provides the differentiation between generic low end photography providers and UAI.

UAI has assembled a group of professionals, with years of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) experience in operations, management, design, integration, and site management, bringing a much needed level of professionalism to this emerging market. UAI founders are comprised of industry Subject Matter Experts (SME) and have extensive experience working with the United States and foreign military UAS operations, in friendly and austere environments, giving us the unique ability to support our client’s globally.


The UAI mentality of “Ad-Hoc” signifies immediate adaptability to our client’s specific needs, employing appropriate sensor solutions for each industry or assignment, and utilizing the most suitable methods of data collection required for the task at hand. Our experience with unique customers across the world has prepared UAI for the opportunity to support industry in the safest and most professional manner available. As a talented group of operators, technicians and engineers we are committed to leading the emerging market of unmanned applications and data collection.

Ad-Hoc groups, in the military, are units created out of unpredictable situations, when cooperation between different units is needed for fast action. UAI has adopted the term “Ad-Hoc” as a sense of pride through the founder’s many years of experience as military members and as civilians supporting military clients. Our units and our civilian clients required fast action support and attention to detail at a moments notice when operating in combat zones. UAI brings this mentality and determination to the commercial market. Whatever the mission or job, we will find a way to get it done.


UAI understands the importance of “situational awareness” (SA) especially on a job site or asset location. Our onshore and offshore HD aerial video and imagery helps provide the insight its clients require. Our proprietary UAV called the High Endurance Folding Frame (HEFF) allows UAI to choose from a multitude of sensing technologies that are fully integrated to the UAV depending on its client’s needs. We manufacture our own stabilized 3-axis gimbal sensor payload system for enhanced data collection. With this platform, we provide endless data gathering capabilities to our clients utilizing, for example:

  • Electrical Optical (EO) sensors
  • Infrared Thermal (IRT) sensors
  • Multispectral sensors (MSI)
  • Hyperspectral Sensors (HIS)
  • Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) Sensors

Through the use of this variety of sensing capabilities, UAI delivers:

  • 4K or 1080p HD Aerial imagery and Video
  • Infrared Thermography (IRT) images and video
  • Multispectral (MSI) images
  • Hyperspectral (HSI) images
  • LIDAR 3D point clouds
  • Photogrammetry 3D Point clouds
  • Digital Terrain Models (DTMs)
  • Digital Elevation Models (DEMs)
  • Orthomosaic photos
  • other 3D representations of the Earth’s terrain for Google Earth, Arc Viewer and other mapping software

By aligning our corporate strategy with industry alliances through things like B2B, Public-Private Partnerships and master service agreements we can mutually benefit by serving our clients that truly realize the value and efficiencies of remote sensing.