Down Hole

Down Hole

UAI Now Welcomes Impact Guidance Systems, Inc. (IGS) As Our New Down Hole Services Division

With the acquisition of assets of Griffin Oil Tools & Technologies (GOTT), successor of Impact Guidance Systems, Inc. (IGS), in July 2015, UAI expanded its ability to provide high level, high performance remote sensing services both above and below the surface of the earth.

UAI’s Down Hole Services Division specializes in the design, development, manufacture and commercialization of high quality wireline and coiled tubing data acquisition/logging tools that allow operators to log, interpret, process, and improve their knowledge of down hole environments reliably and efficiently.

UAI’s suite of 13 interchangeable real-time and memory-based tools used by major oil producers and global service companies provide:

  • An alternative to more expensive technology
  • A compliment to existing technology
  • A stand alone offering to a broader segment of the drilling, completions, and production sectors of the oil & gas industry.


UAI provides thru-tubing logging services to the oil and gas sector for coiled tubing operations. The data provided to our customers enables them to optimize intervention programs utilizing real time wireless technology to gain a clear understanding of surface to BHA performance.

Maximizing your well budget

Our experienced team operates on shore and off, internationally and in North America.  With current projects in Oman, Argentina, Brazil, and the North American shale plays, we are well situated to meet our client’s needs in most any environment.

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